How to sponsor maid visa in Dubai

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Housemaid Visa Rules in UAE: Essential Guidelines for Domestic Workers
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Navigating the rules for housemaid visa in UAE can seem overwhelming for newcomers to the sponsorship process. Dubai, renowned for its opulent lifestyle and bustling business environment, is a city where domestic help is not merely a luxury but, in many households, an essential aspect of day-to-day living. If you’re considering sponsoring a maid in Dubai, understanding the intricacies of the sponsorship process, including how to apply for maid visa in Dubai, is crucial. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how to successfully sponsor a maid visa, detailing the eligibility criteria, mandatory documentation, and step-by-step procedures involved, ensuring you remain compliant with local laws and regulations.

Understanding the Eligibility Criteria

Before embarking on the process of maid visa sponsorship, it’s vital to ensure both you as the sponsor and the maid meet specific eligibility criteria set forth by the Dubai authorities.

Sponsor’s Eligibility

As a sponsor, you must meet certain income and accommodation requirements to qualify. The minimum salary to sponsor maid in Dubai is a vital consideration, with the stipulated minimum income being AED 6,000 without accommodation or AED 5,000 with accommodation. In addition to financial stability, you must also have ample living space to provide suitable accommodation for the maid.

Maid’s Eligibility

The maid being sponsored must also meet particular eligibility conditions:

  • The maid must be from a country approved by the UAE for domestic worker sponsorship.
  • There is an age restriction in place; the maid must be between 20 to 58 years old when applying for the visa.

Given these criteria, it’s also essential to understand the mutual consent between sponsor and maid regarding employment terms, which are protected under UAE’s stringent labor laws.

Minimum Salary to Sponsor Maid in Dubai: Essential Guidelines for Employers

Required Documents for Maid Visa Sponsorship

The sponsorship process requires numerous documents from both the employer and the potential maid to ensure the legitimacy and legality of the agreement.

Sponsoring Employer’s Documents

  1. A salary certificate or employment contract proving income eligibility.
  2. Passport and residency visa copies.
  3. A tenancy contract showing adequate living arrangements.
  4. Marriage certificate for married sponsors (if applicable).

Maid’s Required Documents

  1. A valid passport.
  2. Recent passport-sized photographs.
  3. A copy of the birth certificate (if applicable).

Additional Documentation

Moreover, a written employment offer and a legally binding contract must be produced. The table below summarizes the additional documentation:

Document TypeDescription
Employment OfferA preliminary document outlining the terms of employment.
Legally Binding ContractA detailed contract signed by both parties, typically drafted after the employment offer is accepted.
Entry PermitIssued by the immigration authorities allowing the maid to lawfully enter Dubai.

Step-by-Step Process for Visa Application

The application process is systematic and must be adhered to meticulously to prevent delays or rejections. The process begins with understanding how to apply for maid visa in Dubai and ensuring all the necessary steps are followed.

Applying for Pre-approval

Begin by applying for an entry permit which allows your maid to enter Dubai. This is done through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai and can be submitted online or in person. You’ll need to fill out the necessary application form and attach it with all the required documents.

Undergoing Medical Fitness and Security Clearance

Once the maid arrives in Dubai, a medical fitness test is mandatory and must be completed at authorized medical centers within 30 days after arrival. Additionally, the maid will undergo security clearance to ensure they have no criminal history that would jeopardize their eligibility.

The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE) Contract

Subsequent to passing the medical and security clearances, the next step is to draft and sign an official contract between the employer and the maid, which is then registered with MOHRE. This contract outlines the rights and duties of both parties and serves as a binding agreement during the tenure of employment. During this stage, it is crucial to address any concerns, such as if the maid wants to break contract in Dubai, and to ensure that all terms are mutually agreed upon and lawful.

Guide to Sponsoring a Maid in Dubai: Essential Steps and Requirements

Financial Obligations and Costs

It’s important to certainly factor in the financial aspect of sponsoring a maid in Dubai, understanding not only the salary payments but also various costs associated with the visa sponsorship.

Visa Costs and Fees

The cost of maid visa in Dubai includes several fees, creating a significant part of the financial obligation of the sponsorship:

  • Application fee for the entry permit.
  • Residency visa issuance.
  • Medical examination fee.
  • Emirates ID card fee.
  • Sponsorship fee varying depending on the maid’s nationality.

These costs are borne by the employer and must be settled promptly as part of the sponsorship process. Understanding and preparing for these expenses in advance can aid in a smooth sponsorship journey.

Health Insurance and Medical Needs for the Maid

Health Insurance Requirements

In Dubai, it is mandatory for sponsors to provide health insurance for their maids. The health insurance must comply with the standards set by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and should cover basic healthcare, including emergency treatments, and in some cases, maternity care. As a sponsor, you need to renew this health insurance annually, correlating with the visa renewal timeline. Ensuring that the maid has access to adequate medical care not only adheres to legal stipulations but also promotes wellness, potentially reducing long-term healthcare costs and fostering a supportive work environment.

Renewal and Cancellation of Maid Visa

Visa Renewal Process

Visa renewal for your maid is a recurring process that typically occurs every one to two years, depending on the initial agreement. The steps for renewal are relatively similar to the initial visa application process and require:

  1. An updated medical fitness report.
  2. Renewed health insurance coverage.

It’s important to initiate the renewal process well before the expiry date to avoid any legal repercussions or penalties. It also provides an opportunity to reevaluate and amend the contract terms if needed.

Visa Cancellation Guidelines

In cases where you no longer require the services of your domestic helper or if the maid wishes to terminate the contract potentially because the maid wants to break contract in Dubai, the visa cancellation process must be promptly and appropriately handled. This involves:

  1. Settling all outstanding wages and end-of-service benefits.
  2. Booking a flight ticket for the maid to return to her home country upon contract termination.

Cancellation should be done officially through the GDRFA to ensure that all parties are legally protected.

Legal Considerations and Labor Laws

For those unfamiliar with the rules for housemaid visa in UAE, it is essential to recognize the legal framework that governs the employer-maid relationship. As an employer, you are obliged to adhere to the UAE labour law which lays out specific conditions related to working hours, leave entitlements, and dispute resolutions. Violation of these regulations can lead to serious legal consequences. Sponsors are encouraged to thoroughly understand and respect these laws to maintain a harmonious and legally-compliant relationship with their domestic helpers.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Despite careful planning, sponsors may face challenges during the visa sponsorship journey. Problems such as delays in the visa application process, disputes over employment terms, or even unforeseen circumstances like a maid’s sudden illness can arise. To mitigate such challenges:

  • Maintain open communication with your maid and address concerns or disputes respectfully.
  • Keep all documentation well-organized to expedite any procedural requirements.
  • Seek guidance from professional visa service agencies or legal advisors when in doubt.
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Useful Tips for a Successful Sponsorship

Sponsoring a maid in Dubai is a substantial commitment that requires a meaningful understanding of the cost of maid visa in Dubai among other aspects. However, with some prudent practices, you can ensure a smooth and successful sponsorship:

  • Schedule regular check-ins to discuss job expectations and any arising issues.
  • Show appreciation for your maid’s hard work through fair treatment and timely payments.
  • Be aware of your maid’s cultural background and accommodate reasonable customs or practices.

By following these tips, employers can foster a positive and productive relationship with their sponsored maids.


Sponsoring a maid in Dubai involves a series of methodical steps and legal compliance from understanding and meeting the minimum salary to sponsor maid in Dubai to ensuring the wellbeing of the domestic worker through proper healthcare. By adhering to the guidelines and best practices outlined in this article, sponsors can navigate the process efficiently, contributing to a professional and courteous sponsorship practice.


Q1: How often do I need to renew my maid’s visa in Dubai?
A1: Maid visas in Dubai typically need to be renewed every one to two years, depending on the terms agreed upon in the employment contract.

Q2: What should I do if my maid wants to break the contract in Dubai?
A2: If your maid wishes to break the contract, you must officially cancel her visa following the GDRFA’s procedures, ensure all due wages and benefits are paid, and provide a return ticket to her home country.

Q3: Is medical insurance for my maid mandatory in Dubai?
A3: Yes, it is compulsory to provide your maid with health insurance that complies with the Dubai Health Authority’s requirements.

Q4: What is the minimum salary requirement to sponsor a maid in Dubai?
A4: The minimum salary to sponsor a maid in Dubai is AED 6,000 without accommodation or AED 5,000 with accommodation.

Q5: What fees are involved in the cost of a maid visa in Dubai?
A5: The cost of a maid visa in Dubai includes the entry permit application fee, residency visa issuance fee, medical examination fee, Emirates ID fee, and sponsorship fee, which varies depending on the maid’s nationality.